Timeless with Pandora

This Festive Season we represent our project with Pandora, the main heroine of the special  is a ballerina Eleonora Sevenard.  

The jewels from the Timeless collection themselves gave us inspiration to create this project. The story, shot by Alisa Aslanova, was inspired not only by the dramatic theatre world, but also by the space.

The Pandora designers – Francesco Terzo and Filippo Ficarelli – searched for inspiration in the cosmic images: “The nocturnal starry sky is an ideal incarnation of dreams and magic, the moon and the stars themselves are the references to the Universe.

The space ornament garnishing a round Murano charm repeats in detail the real pictures of our galaxy.


The La Personne Team sends its warmest Season’s Greetings and wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We wish you to be brave with your dreams, to believe in miracles, to set and reach the goals and, of course, to have faith in yourself!

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