Mental Detox

In need of a mental detox? Here is a road map to declutter the mind.

Perhaps there is nothing more powerful than our relationship with our thoughts. Our thinking can be as constructive as it can be obtrusive. And the messages we tell ourselves can convince us something is divine or nudge us to confront a deep affliction.

Sometimes the very nature of our thoughts can become overwhelming. Clutter in the mind can resemble that of a shaken-up snow globe. Each flake represents a thought. So, when the flakes fall simultaneously it can make seeing things with clarity a bit of a challenge. And while waiting for the snow (our thoughts) to settle, we can feel anxious and insecure not knowing how or when things may settle down.

Declutter Negative Thoughts That No Longer Serve You

When you decide to clear and declutter obtrusive and negative thoughts from our head space, it helps prepare us for an inner journey of creativity and open ourselves to new growth experiences.

As an author, writer and life coach, I know that some of my brightest ideas and smartest solutions come during a run or after a meditation. When I’m traveling, I often visit an art museum. This tends to eliminate any travel stressors as well as expose me to powerful pieces of art. Just being in a gorgeous space amplifies both my thoughts and work.

Another approach to decluttering the mind is to manage work-related things, like emails, with a file system. While it may seem overly simplistic, in reality it can help to keep things, including our minds, organized. C-suite business executive and seven continent marathoner Michael Silvio says, “When I close an issue that arrives via email, I delete the email or place it in a file right away. At the same time I close it in my mind, and move on.”

For some, moving on can be a bit of a struggle, while for others it comes with ease. Dr. Deepak Chopra, author of the recent, best-selling book, Metahuman, says that observation can be helpful. Dr. Chopra explains, “I’ve never tried to clear negative thinking! It’s very stressful! I just observe thoughts as they float across the screen of my consciousness like clouds in the sky. I identify with the sky, not the clouds.”

Actually, getting outside to see the literal clouds can be an important way to open up the mind. Creativity expert and author Lisa Tener says one of her favorite ways to declutter her mind is to walk in nature. “Within minutes, I feel the stresses fall away, creating the space for creativity to flow,” she says.

mental detox

For those who are wondering how to activate the flow of creativity, Dr. Chopra says, “Creativity unfolds in the following steps: intended outcome, information gathering, information analysis, incubation-thru-meditation, spontaneous insight, inspiration, implementation, integration, incarnation.”Dr. Chopra adds, “It’s a shift in context, meaning relationship and story.”

When the student is ready the teacher will come…
And the story we tell ourselves about a situation can shape the way we handle future conversations and thereby impact outcomes. If we tell ourselves, “There is no help available,” we tend to view the world with a constricted lens. Things can feel very troubling. Yet, if we tell ourselves there is guidance available and we just need to find the right person, we will tend to try to sort through our thoughts logically. We will then see things as possible opportunities instead of obstacles.

It is also important to remember that exploring new ideas can be driven with a sense of purpose and child-like wonder. Journaling offers a safe way to examine thoughts and desires. Silvio adds, “Creativity is fueled by passion.”

The six inches between our ears is valuable territory. Instead of embroidering this space with frets and criticisms, perhaps, make an effort to be gentler and kinder with the words we speak to ourselves. This angle keeps the space open, which enriches new visions and amplifies the creativity process.

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